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Jun. 27th, 2008

They're coming out in full forces...!!!

Truly since the last year the summer is the best moment of the year for me, it's strange that after a long time when i've longed for winter to come now i prefer the opposite season.
But in the end i've always been inclined to follow some sort of extreme measures, both in the good and the bad.
Well whatever the fuck will be i don't give a damn, i'm here and there, and i plan to remain so.
Some sort of empty void, a calm after the storm, i am sincerely curious about what will be next chance-in-view and what will cause it but this warm summer seems to cast some sort of slumber over my frenetic mind and so i'm pleased to live in the present.
My present.
By the way, i've resolved to write more often, i think it's a good exercise and some sort of feed for myself.

Truly i feel myself like at the stat of a journey

Is this what we call hope?_?

Jun. 24th, 2008

What if...

There are many worlds, and more beyond this...
Many realities, chances, moving, great or small or maybe better great and small.
In all of this there's some sort of cycle, not good neither malevolant, just a thing that simply stand there, it repeat itself in every little thing that exist, both material, emotional, spiritual or anything else.
Birth - Life - Death
Yeah i know, i'm not the smartest one, it's a matter of fact you could say but is a matter of fact if you think about the human body.
I was not talking about this thing only.
Star and galaxies too die, Insects die, planets die and so on but even emotions, passions, societies, religions follow the simple path above.
Birth - Life - Death
We usually apply this concept to something outside of us, the place we live, the people we know, the job we did and so forth so what if we try to apply the concept inside of us?
I mean how would you call the whole thing if not Microcosmo?
(and no i'm not talking about Saint Seiya pleae...)
All that happens to us it takes form of emotion, the emotion lead to a certain status, but if i know that is cyclical would i not be able to prevent thing going this way recognizing and accepting this for what it is?
Then if i could manage the process would i not be able to rech some sorth of quiet around me?
And finally would i not be able to open up myself again?
What if i've wanted to write about a reason for doing so?
It's what i want... now

Jun. 11th, 2008


Frigid damsel, claded in snow
A shiny diamond, or your lips glow
The truth behind, a rainbow mask
You dancing toys, kept in the dusk

Winter of lies, will one day die
The summer sun, in truth will shine
Will it reveal, a bright ideals
Or will you be, crushed down by fear

Your inner souk, you'll have to find
Thorugh all mistakes, through feelings blind
Through all this world, merciless sand
Filled with dust, your garments stand

Memories, like fallen gods
Time, better kept untold
Red, as a drop of blood
A goblet, for a spirit sold

Nov. 27th, 2007

Ergo sum...?

If a human being could really be defined by the thing hed did, well, i could perhaps be related to a vortex, both in the emotional and material ways.
I know, it was a lot since i've last wrote here but, to be honest with both myself and whoever will read this mess, i was simply not interested in write anything, no big ideas, no almost unapproachable goals, no passion to move me.
A perfect time for a little silence.
It's not that i'm not doing anything at all, my hours of work have drastically increased and i spend more time thinking about the job and what role i want to carve out from it in the future but, with the complicity of a sort of reject about the human beings'beaviohur, i've isolated myself for a while, in all ways possibles.
Long story short, i'm pretty quiet lately, i do what i want to do at the best i can and i'm satisfied...and quiet.
As i said like a wortex, quiet inside and fierce outside.
Sometimes too many tough are a burden.

Oct. 26th, 2007

Awake & Dazed

Nella contorta luce delle stelle
Qui, le ombre danzano
Qui, le ombre cadono
Mentre ascolto il mio richiamo

Solo un'armonia silente
E il mio cuore balza
Un immortale sogno, rivelato
Dove l'anima quieta resta

Di semplicità, rivelazione
Nel contemplare il flusso
Immoto, nel gelo dipinto
Eppur di un fuoco iridescente

Sveglio e stordito
Fulcro del mio incanto
Nel pensiero, rapito
Sia della quiete il vanto


Riposte le vestigia adombrate
Di oscura matrona
Abbandonate sulle rive
Dove i cigni danzano, crepuscolari

Piume d'argento cadono
Seppellendo le vane menzogne
Che ricoprono le anime
Rivelata, un'effimera affinità

Al canto dei monsoni
Che la terra talora scuotono
Suono di cruda armonia
E un incontro sfiorato

Splendi nella tua follia
Come luna d'autunno velata
Sfiora le nubi che s'avvinghiano
Attorno alla tua perpetua danza

For Q.


Lascia che mi corichi, nel grembo
Di una mesta luna, dove
Nascosi rime dissonanti
Al volgersi di pensieri obliati

Lascia che l'anima perduri
Oltre il sentiero degli attimi
Perduta la favella del sorriso
Eppure è viva la mia gioia

A gaudenti danze volgerò i passi
Incauto, oltre gli abissi della noia
Mentre ancora la notte scivola
Di Morfeo diverrò l'amante

Oct. 16th, 2007

Qualcuno scende...

Umori di un amplesso solitario
Urlati a un'effimera luna
Nell'ipocrisia dell'onnipotenza
Quando non c'è confine
Tra il lecito e l'empio

Nel pallido caleidoscopio
Nenia di discordi sinfonie
Reggiamo dei giorni l'illusione
Di un destino che non è il nostro
Tra i veli che si dividono

Qualcuno, scende
Camminando lungo viali dimenticati
Solo il silenzio gli è compagno
Mentre cala la maschera
Diafano sorriso nelle ombre

Oct. 14th, 2007


I believe, this world is the cradle of many possibilities, countless.
And every little turning, every step we made, could leads us to countless possibilities so, that's my idea of neverending.
It happened seven years ago, in a spring afternoon, i was reading a magazine about a mountain in Ireland and i've decided to go there for my summer holydays, it was the decision of a moment but that moment, and the following decision to visit the magical island, changed my life in some sort, some great, some small.
It was there where i first discovered the Wheel of Time saga.
I remember well the rainy afternoon in Cork where i've bought the paperback edition of "The eye of the world", from the first page i've been drawn in the world of Rand, Lews Therin Thelamon, Mathrim Cauthon and all the others marvelously depicted characters, so real and yet struggling in an epical,  but somehow tangible story.
At the time the books where eight, useless to say i've bought another backpack to bring back all of'em, in Italy the saga was unknown and the situation changed nly three years ago, meanwhile 3 new books were added to the serie, a long story and delicious like the rarest and finest wine.
One book has yet to come and sadly it will never appear, at least non directly from the hand of Robert Jordan, after an year struggle with the disease he died.
It is said that a person life is valued by his own action, if that true i got to say that Robert brought us something magnificent in this word, it could be just a work of words, a fictional story but the passion that transpire from every book, the carefully builded background, vivid character, the reality that transpared from the fantastic saga make the whole Opera a masterpiece, human beings can do that sometimes.
So goodbye Robert, we could have been strangers but with your death this world has lose one of its brightest light.
But your memory, your perseverance and good attitude even in your disease,  will surely live forever in our hearts so.
"the grave is no bare to your call"
We'll miss you...

Oct. 13th, 2007


And while i dance
Behind a curtain of mirrors
The masks that we gladly wear
Gently kissed by the rain

Fallen from the sky i was
An angel with iron wings
Chained to the earth because
I've got no voice for my dreams

And i've withstood the countless grains
Of an hourglass that now turns faster
But while bitter memories remains
I found my way in the stars that glitter

And while i roam this silent land
The answer for reality, where it is?
An unspoken question that stand
Everyday suspended in all of this

A silver key to open the door
Of this mischievous turnaround
Despite myself being so poor
'cause my answer i've not found

Still i look through the clouds
Still i face my own truth
Still i need to scream aloud
Into the stars of my youth

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